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Michelle Paver Visits Teign in 2 Weeks!


Michelle Paver is visiting Teign Academy on the 24th of February to speak to the year 7 students who will have the opportunity to get a signed copy of her new book.

The new book in the series, The Burning Shadow, following The Outsiders is a fantastic adventure story set in Ancient Greece.

Set a year after the breath-taking climax of Gods and Warriors – and long before the Greek Myths and the Trojan War – The Burning Shadow transports the reader back three and a half thousand years as hero Hylas continues his struggle to evade the dark, mysterious forces of formidable enemy, The Crows.
Michelle Paver’s books have sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide and are published in more than 35 languages. Ms Paver was the winner of the 2010 Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize. Michelle has also written another series called the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness featuring 6 books.
Michelle Paver was influenced to write by her parents as they ensured she grew up surrounded by books and always encouraged her to follow her interests and take risks whilst somehow managing to instil a bit of common sense!
By Georgia, Daisy and Hannah