Our Top 17 Authors


MICHAEL MORPURGO- author of War Horse, now a major film.

SUZANNE COLLIN-author of the Hunger Games trilogy, now a major film series

LOUISE RENNISON- Author of many funny teenager titles

MALORIE BLACKMAN- author of the Noughts & Crosses series

DARREN SHAN-author of The Saga of Darren Shan and other series

CHRIS D’LACEY- author of The Last Dragon Chronicles & unicorne series

JOHN GREEN- author of The Fault In Our Stars

DAVID WALLIAMS-author of books like Billionaire Boy, Gangster Granny and Mr Stink

LIZ PICHON- author of the Tom Gates titles

JEFF KINNE-author of the Wimpy Kid Titles

J.K.ROWLING-author of the Harry Potter series

JACQUELINE WILSON-author of books like Tracey Beaker, Lola Rose and My Sister Jodie

SARAH ALDERSON- author of the Hunting Lila series

AMY MERESITH- author of the series A Dark Touch Novel

STEPHENIE MEYER- author of the Twilight series

L.J.SMITH-author of The Vampire Diaries


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