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Teign School BBC School News Report is Here!

After a day of hard work, stress, and a lot of fun, our news report is ready!

To check out the latest  stories from Teign School, click on the news team photo below:

School Reporters

Meet the news team (anti-clockwise from the bottom-left) : Megan, Josie, Callie, Ben, Reece, Kelvin, Jack, Bethanie, Laura, Lois, Evita, and Georgine


Arsenal beat Everton 2-0

Also on Sunday for the Premier league, Mr Wenger was well delighted with the score from his Arsenal team. On the other hand, Everton are not that pleased with there loss.


Liverpool smash Man City 2-1


On Sunday the 1st of march, Liverpool played Man City and were pleased with their result. At full time, the match ended just 2:1 to Liverpool.

It was not a big score but Liverpool were very pleased with their result, especially for Brendan Rogers. Now, Brendan Rogers hopes that they are back in the league as they were lower before.liverpool-wallpapers[1]

Our Top 17 Authors


MICHAEL MORPURGO- author of War Horse, now a major film.

SUZANNE COLLIN-author of the Hunger Games trilogy, now a major film series

LOUISE RENNISON- Author of many funny teenager titles

MALORIE BLACKMAN- author of the Noughts & Crosses series

DARREN SHAN-author of The Saga of Darren Shan and other series

CHRIS D’LACEY- author of The Last Dragon Chronicles & unicorne series

JOHN GREEN- author of The Fault In Our Stars

DAVID WALLIAMS-author of books like Billionaire Boy, Gangster Granny and Mr Stink

LIZ PICHON- author of the Tom Gates titles

JEFF KINNE-author of the Wimpy Kid Titles

J.K.ROWLING-author of the Harry Potter series

JACQUELINE WILSON-author of books like Tracey Beaker, Lola Rose and My Sister Jodie

SARAH ALDERSON- author of the Hunting Lila series

AMY MERESITH- author of the series A Dark Touch Novel

STEPHENIE MEYER- author of the Twilight series

L.J.SMITH-author of The Vampire Diaries

Cancer is it on the road to being cured!


The American cancer society is the largest non-government funder of cancer research in the U.S.

We get results by investigating in various research efforts to help cancer causes determine how best to prevent it, and discover new ways to cure it. Our funding of ground-breaking cancer research has put us at the front of the scientific battle against the disease.

Every year over 200,000 American women are diagnosed  with breast cancer . Studies continue to find lifestyle factors and habits that alter breast cancer risk . We are also learning more about how genes influence breast cancer. In the last 20 years , thanks in part to our ground breaking research ,breast cancer death rates have declined by 32%.