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Teign School BBC School Report 2014

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Students working hard in the newsroom


Do you really know what’s in your food?


You will be surprised what is actually in your food.
Some chicken nuggets only have about 50% chicken in them. One other ingredient found is dimethylpolysiloxane which is a chemical used in silicone products such as silly putty.
Most ice creams say they have natural flavours in so you don’t really know what you’re eating. Some flavours could be beaver urine.
A lot of food dyes and colourings are actually made out of boiled beetle shells.
We hope this has shown you what can actually be in your food and make you more aware.
By Freya and Kate.

The battle over where King Richard III should be buried reins on


The battle over where the remains of King Richard III should be buried begins today in the High Court.
Judges will hear both sides of opinion- those who want the former king to be buried in York and those who want him buried in Leicester. His bones were discovered in a car park in Leicester, 2012 and the University of Leicester want them buried in the city.

Whereas, a group involving the King’s distant relatives think that he should be buried in York.
They think that the king named Richard of York would have preferred to be buried there.
They also think that, with someone as important as the famous king, his family and even the public should have a say in the situation.
Richard III had only been king for 26 months until he was killed at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.
After many centuries of mystery as people wondered where the remains of King Richard III might be, the University of Leicester found bones that they thought could be his in 2012.

Plans have now been made to bury the former king in Leicester Cathedral
When it was found that the remains were that of the king, the Ministry of Justice and the University of Leicester finally made the decision that he should be buried in Leicester Cathedral.
This decision was mainly made because remains are usually buried close to where they were discovered.
But The Plantagenet Alliance, a group including 15 distant relatives of King Richard III, argue that this case is classed as special and want judges in the high court to decide on either York or Leicester.
The row originally went to the court back in November, but was put back until today.
By Ieva

The Week in Weather

cyber bullying

Tonight: Getting Dark with cloud and light fog. Highest temperatures of 15 Celsius.
Friday: Dull and grey with patches of fog. Highest temperatures of 13 Celsius.
Saturday: Bright and sunny but a little cold breeze. Highest temperatures of 13 Celsius.
Sunday: A bit better then Saturday but still a bit cold. Highest temperatures of 12 Celsius.
Monday: A sad start to the week with fog and dull skies. Highest temperatures of 12 Celsius.

Luisa Plaja Visits Teign!

Louisa Plaja

Once again, Teign School has played host to a famous author- the time the fabulous Louisa Plaja!

Students in years 7 & 9 enjoyed a talk and a Q&A with Luisa in period 3 and 4, and the whole school were invited to Lunch with Luisa- all on a busy world book day!

Luisa has written lots of fun and fantastic teen novels, including “Split by a Kiss” and “Kiss, Date, Love, Hate”. We love them.

World Book Day!

Every year on the 6th of March everybody all over the world are celebrating world book day.
World book day is a day full of books, a day were you can have a whole day to celebrate your favourite books, but it’s a day when authors can see what difference simple words on a page can mean to a child.
We asked some children these questions
“Do you like world book day?”
“Do you like reading?”
“Who’s your favourite author?”
This is their answers
“I love world book day,”
“I love reading,”
“Kate O’Hearn,”

“I like world book day because you can talk about other books and find out about new books,”
“Yes, because when I read I can trap all my surroundings and focus on the page,”

BBC Three to be Axed!

BBC Three is to be cancelled from TV and will be moving online as part of the BBC’s cost-cutting plans.
The BBC have officially announced that BBC THREE will be cancelled this morning on the news.
The decision they have made has attracted controversial opinions from the public.
This list shows the budgets that BBC channels have made over 2013/2014.
• BBC One: £1,051m
• BBC Two: £415m
• BBC Three: £85m
• BBC Four: £49m
• CBBC: £79m
• CBeebies: £29m
• BBC News Channel: £53m
• BBC Parliament: £2m
Although BBC THREE’s budget for 2013/14 is £85m, moving the channels programmes online is said to not have an effect on the amount of money earned. The fact that BBC THREE will be cancelled it will mean that shows such as Don’t Tell the Bride and Pramface will only be available through streaming on BBC IPlayer.