Beating Cyber-Bullying

An increase in bullying has seemed more apparent over the last couple of years, with many victims reporting they are targeted because of their appearance. Is there away we can stop this?

cyber bullying

On Tuesday 11th February 2014, Teign School did a cyber-bullying day, where we had a day of timetable to learn the effects of cyber-bullying and upfront bulling.

On that day students learned about a website where if you’ve been cyber-bullied you can report them and the police will sort it out for you.

We asked some people there thoughts on cyber-bullying, and whether it was something that worried them. Here are some responses:
“Yes, because lots of cyber-bullying has been happening plus lots of children use the internet,”
“Sometimes because the internet is a dangerous environment and there aren’t always enough security settings,”
“Yeah, because I get quite worried about someone cyber-bullying me cause it can make a big impact on young people.”


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