The weather across the South-West of England has hit an all-time low. Rain is constantly pouring down and the wind is blowing down fences, trees and sheds. You may not believe it but this weather has even taken lives! Going down to the seafront and taking pictures sounds like a lovely idea but it may result in death.

A woman from Sussex lost her life on the 1st of February due to being carried out by the tide.

The sea is the main issue. People are being evacuated from their homes because of such bad storms. Innocent houses and buildings on the seafront have been flooded and shelters have welcomed families that have sadly suffered because of this horrific weather. Everyone is desperate for this to stop.

This is Teignmouth seafront during the week.

The waves have been crashing over the railings and there is nothing anyone can do to prevent it


Also, Teignmouth Pier has taken a huge blow. A lot of the machines are damaged and there was high concern that the structure had been wrecked by the waves. The Point car park has been closed.
Lisa Sutcliffe, manager at the nearby Beachcomber cafe said: “The pier has taken a battering, it looks as if a strut has been damaged and water is coming up through. It looks a bit sorry for itself.”
Another resident commented that during the night, the waves were as high as some of the buildings. The seafront wall has been knocked down and is going to need repairing.

There are many severe weather warnings in place.
By Daisy and Hannah


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