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Coming Soon: An Interview With Michelle Paver


On Monday 24th February, Teign School received an visit from the famous author Michelle Paver.

In order to make her feel really welcome, Teign School also invited students from local primary schools to enjoy her talk. Lots of students left with fantastic ideas and precious signed books!

We were lucky enough to be granted an interview with Michelle, which will be available on our website shortly. Watch this space!


715 Newly Discovered Planets


Scientists have confirmed that there have been 715 new discoveries of the planets in our Solar System using NASA’s powerful Kepler telescope.

In the past 20 years of workers finding more and more planets, researchers have found over 1,000 new planets so now, the fact that a new discovery of 715 has just been made all in one single go is a big deal.

The recently discovered planets are all orbiting 305 stars and are in multi-planet systems.

95% of these new planets are all smaller than Neptune, which is four times the radius of our home planet, Earth.
Habitable means that the planet can be suitable for humans to live on them but for them to be habitable planets have to be the right distance away from a star.

Although the scientists know lots about their discovery, the planets are thousands of light years away from earth so they cannot take out a detailed investigation.

The Kepler telescope that was used to make this new discovery was launched in 2009 on a £360 million mission to discover if earth-sized planets in our Solar System could support life.
Non-functioning parts resulted in the telescope not being able to work properly last year.

Douglas Hudgins from the NASA’s department of astrophysics states:
“This is the largest windfall of planets that’s ever been announced at one time.”
“Second, these results establish that planetary systems with multiple planets around one star, like our own Solar System, are in fact common.”

“Third, we know that small planets – planets ranging from the size of Neptune down to the size of the Earth – make up the majority of planets in our galaxy.”

Scientist still have more data from the Kepler space telescope left to examine and it is hoped that more exciting discoveries will be made in the future.

Hidden history found beneath Alcatraz: America’s most notorious prison


Perched on a rocky outcrop in the middle of San Francisco Bay, from the 1930s to the 1960s the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary was reserved for the “worst of the worst”.

A who’s who of the criminal underworld were put there: George “Machine Gun” Kelly, Mickey Cohen and Al Capone all spent time locked up in the tiny cells.

Today, the “escape-proof” jail is a much more accessible place: more than a million tourists visit each year.

alc 2

But scientists say there’s much more to “the Rock” than crime and punishment, and they have come to Alcatraz to investigate the hidden history that lies beneath the prison walls.

Extreme Weather


In Dawlish, Devon, 20 people were evacuated from their homes because of the extreme weather, and the sea wall under the main rail line collapsed.

A number of houses in Kingsand in Cornwall were evacuated after it became damaged by huge waves. Flooding has been reported across the region and councillors said it would cost millions to repair all the damage.

Police in Kingsand said they had to evacuate houses that had been damaged by stones being washed ashore, which smashed lots of windows.
The clock tower was “in a dangerous condition”, Cornwall Council said.

Cornwall Council’s leader John Pollard said the cost of storm damage was “rising to £10m as we speak”.

Beating Cyber-Bullying

An increase in bullying has seemed more apparent over the last couple of years, with many victims reporting they are targeted because of their appearance. Is there away we can stop this?

cyber bullying

On Tuesday 11th February 2014, Teign School did a cyber-bullying day, where we had a day of timetable to learn the effects of cyber-bullying and upfront bulling.

On that day students learned about a website where if you’ve been cyber-bullied you can report them and the police will sort it out for you.

We asked some people there thoughts on cyber-bullying, and whether it was something that worried them. Here are some responses:
“Yes, because lots of cyber-bullying has been happening plus lots of children use the internet,”
“Sometimes because the internet is a dangerous environment and there aren’t always enough security settings,”
“Yeah, because I get quite worried about someone cyber-bullying me cause it can make a big impact on young people.”



The weather across the South-West of England has hit an all-time low. Rain is constantly pouring down and the wind is blowing down fences, trees and sheds. You may not believe it but this weather has even taken lives! Going down to the seafront and taking pictures sounds like a lovely idea but it may result in death.

A woman from Sussex lost her life on the 1st of February due to being carried out by the tide.

The sea is the main issue. People are being evacuated from their homes because of such bad storms. Innocent houses and buildings on the seafront have been flooded and shelters have welcomed families that have sadly suffered because of this horrific weather. Everyone is desperate for this to stop.

This is Teignmouth seafront during the week.

The waves have been crashing over the railings and there is nothing anyone can do to prevent it


Also, Teignmouth Pier has taken a huge blow. A lot of the machines are damaged and there was high concern that the structure had been wrecked by the waves. The Point car park has been closed.
Lisa Sutcliffe, manager at the nearby Beachcomber cafe said: “The pier has taken a battering, it looks as if a strut has been damaged and water is coming up through. It looks a bit sorry for itself.”
Another resident commented that during the night, the waves were as high as some of the buildings. The seafront wall has been knocked down and is going to need repairing.

There are many severe weather warnings in place.
By Daisy and Hannah



On the 5th and 6th of February, the year 7 of Teign School went on trips to the well known attraction and conservation site, The Eden Project. After a 2 and a half hour coach ride up to Cornwall, the eager group leapt off and headed down to the induction room for an interesting speech by a guide of the project.

Here they learned many amazing facts about plants and production, and helping them to understand how we would have nothing if it weren’t for plants. Then they split into groups and set off to different activities. Throughout the day the kids learned about many plants and their uses. They learnt all this in the magnificent biomes [shown here.]
After their long and fascinating tour round the biomes, led by the talented teachers of Teign School, the children spent an exhilarating hour ice skating on the projects very own ice rink. After many bumps and slips the staff called the joyous skating to a close, much to the sadness of the children! The group then trooped back to the waiting coaches. Finally they arrived back at school, tired, bedraggled, but very happy!